Research and Testing

TSI Labs is equipped with in-house and direct partner resources which allow us to get clear insight into the root of human factors challenges; from the macro– to micro level.
We have conducted lab, field and controlled testing of a variety of systems involving human factors and interactions between people and their environment, developing best practices methodologies, techniques and equipment along the way.
With direct ties to University Labs, we are sure that we have the best people and state-of-the-art technology to dive deep, and objectively, into our work. As a private business we understand commercial realities, ensuring we are always focused on delivering real results in a timely manner for our clients.

Motion capture
• Qualisys Oqus 300+ 14 camera system
• NDI Optotrak 3020
• Xsens MTI-G inertial motion sensors
• Polhemus Fastrak and Liberty electromagnetic systems
• Biometrics bi-axial electro-goniometers

• Delsys Trigno 16 channel wireless lab system and 16 channel wireless mobile system
• NDI Optotrak
• Inertial Sensors

Force Measurement
• AMTI ground-mounted force plate
• Bertec FP 4060 portable force plates
• Bertec PY6 multi-axis load cells
• Tekscan in-shoe pressure analysis system
• Custom load carriage simulators
• Instron 5500R (HMRC)
• Humac NORM Isokinetic Dynamometer

General DAQ
• National Instruments NI CompactRIO

Custom Equipment
• 7-channel Shoulder Simulator
• High-precision rotary systems measurement
• Multi-channel accelerometer platform

• Access to accredited graduate and undergraduate researchers
• Formal core-research and literature review